Brent Braun

Brent Braun

Brent Braun is consistently regarded as one of the top behind-the-scenes consultants and creators working today. His experiences, from working with top names in magic, the world’s largest magic retailer, and appearing as well consulting on P&T Fool Us, give Brent a broad range of expertise.

This will translate into making your guests not only see the magic but also feel the magic. Put simply, Brent cares about your audience.

My Story…

At the age of 22 I became a single father and like so many, I was stuck in a job I hated, surrounded by people and things I knew would take me nowhere. Enter the Greater Louisville Magic Emporium; a small magic shop located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. I walked into that shop on my lunch hour one day and my life was changed. I saw things that were impossible and
spent the next few days smiling every time I thought about them. Less than a year later I would quit my job, go to work at that shop for $75 a week, and become a full time student of magic. That shop changed the path of my life in a way that I can never explain. Its where I met my wife and where I sold Torched & Restored, the very first trick I ever created and sold to other magicians. Yes, this is the same trick the Richard Jones used to win Britain’s Got Talent in 2016. I’ve gone on to work for one of the largest magic companies in the world and to have my magic performed by magicians around the globe.

I tell you all of this so you can understand how important magic is to me and my family, and also to the world. We have created a space where people can share an experience that doesn’t involve tiny screens and being disconnected from others. A space that’s small, intimate, and immersive. A place that can give people a chance to see that others care about them. A place to know that they can belong. And a space to teach students of magic, both young and old, about the benefits of the art of magic.

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